Everyday is Earth Day

Everyday is Earth Day

Enlightening and Invigorating Ways to Celebrate Earth Day from the Comfort of Your Home or outdoors. 


Earth Day, commemorated every year on April 22nd, is a call to action for environmental awareness and preservation. Started in 1970, it has evolved as a global event, compelling individuals, communities, and countries to demonstrate their commitment to protect our environment. However, in our busy lives, taking a step outside to participate in an Earth Day campaign or attending a community cleanup event may not always be feasible. That said, contributions to Earth Day can be made responsibly from the comfort of our homes. Here are some inspiring ways you could celebrate Earth Day at home or outdoors and make a difference.


Creating an In-House Garden

An efficient way to contribute to Earth Day is by planting trees or creating a garden in your home. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space but also contributes to bettering the environment. If space is a constraint, opt for indoor potted plants or consider a vertical garden. Alternatively, set up a small herb garden in your kitchen to grow parsley, mint, basil, and more. This small scale gardening is a step towards supporting local food movements and reducing carbon footprints.


Adopting Sustainable Practices

Another effectual method to observe Earth Day is through the adoption of more sustainable practices. This could range from conserving water, reducing energy usage, composting food waste, or using eco-friendly products. Energy conservation methods could be as simple as switching off unnecessary lights, using energy-efficient appliances, or optimizing natural light.


Educating and Raising Awareness

Earth Day is fundamentally about environmental consciousness. Utilize this day to educate yourself and your family about the importance of safeguarding our environment. Many documentaries, such as 'Planet Earth', 'The Blue Planet', and 'An Inconvenient Truth' are engaging ways to understand the significance of our ecosystems and the threats they face. Education promotes informed decision-making, enabling us to adopt greener habits more consciously.


Green Craft Projects

Engage your kids in green crafting projects to celebrate Earth Day creatively. These could range from creating compostable seed pots using newspapers, designing reusable shopping bags, or making arts from waste or recycled materials. Such initiatives not only keep children creatively engaged but also impart practical lessons on recycling and upcycling.


Virtual Celebrations

In the digital age, physical presence is not a constraint to participate in global events. Enroll in online events relating to Earth Day. Numerous organizations host virtual discussions, online workshops, webinars, or digital cleanup campaigns where you can contribute meaningfully.


BBC Earth Experience Narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough.

It's about the inhabitants of animals and the seven continents of the world.. Here's a link to the website, https://bbcearthexperience.com/london


Go to your local park

Now it getting warmer sit on the park bench,  go jogging, play a sport or walk your dog. Just go out and get some fresh air. It is great for your wellbeing.


Eco Friendly Clothing

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