People Who Approach Getting Dressed Differently

People Who Approach Getting Dressed Differently

Choosing an outfit is a great task to perform. It not only shows a person’s personality but also depends on the ongoing fashion trends. Moreover, you choose an outfit according to the occasion. For example, if you are going to an engagement ceremony, you tend to choose a formal dress. However, at a business meeting you have to wear a professional dress that can boost your confidence.

Researcher Mary Lynn Damhorst says “dress is a systematic means of transmission of information about the wearer.” A person’s choice of clothing influences the impression they transmit and is therefore a powerful communication tool. When it comes to communicating confidence and ability, what you wear plays an important role in creating positive first impressions.

Types of Personalities in terms of Dressing

There are different type of people having different dressing sense. Some people change their mind often while some pick a single dress and never rethink about it. Some people choose outfit last minute while some require a long time to think what they are gonna wear. In this article, we are going to discuss these different personalities.

⦁  The Confused

People who choose the outfit last minute
These are the people who do not need to plan their outfit before time. For them, it is the last final moment when they decide everything. Here are a few tips these people should follow to choose the best dress at the final moments. Try to prioritize the basics and choose soft fabric that does not need to be ironed. Choose the outfit that make you feel bold and comfortable.

⦁ The Planner

People who plan ahead their outfit
Planning ahead your outfit will save your time in the morning and keep you from making groggy morning style blunders. If you plan your dress before going to bed, you will not regret over your weird pants-shoe combo next day at work. This step will save you from anxiety-inducing last minute outfit decisions.

⦁  The Indecisive 

People who change their mind often during outfit selection
There are people who think extensively while choosing their outfit. They need to rethink many times as they are not sure about their choice. Sometimes they are confused about the colour combination and other time they need to rethink the style they going to wear.

⦁ The Decisive 

People who choose their outfit at once
On the other hand, there are people who just decide at once and do not need to rethink about their selection. These people have full command on their selection and they are confident about how they will look in their decided outfit.


Which personality traits do you have when it comes to selecting your outfit?

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