Casual Streetwear and its impact on the fashion industry

Casual Streetwear and its impact on the fashion industry

Streetwear and Its Impact on the Fashion Industry.

Everyone loves fashion in this era. A high percentage of fashion enthusiasts strive to keep up with the changing trends. A new phenomenon of Streetwear has taken the fashion world recently. People choose this wear due to its casual and comfortable style that leaves them looking extremely fabulous.

What is Streetwear?
Streetwear developed its global appearance in the 1990s. Various styles of clothes fall under the umbrella term ‘streetwear’. It is basically a type of casual dressing that includes comfy dress pieces like hoodies, T-shirts, baseball caps, sneakers, jeans, and many more. It got its inspiration from different fashion scenes such as the New York hip hop fashion and the surf skate culture from California.


Types of Streetwear
In today's culture, streetwear is becoming increasingly popular. The diverse styles of streetwear also vary in different countries. For instance, streetwear of the New York may differ from that in Tokyo. Here are some of the types of streetwear.
⦁ Techwear
⦁ Athleisure
⦁ Skatewear
⦁ Hypebeasts

How Streetwear Transformed the Fashion Industry
The fashion industry has always room for accommodating new ideas. Designers from all over the world come up with brilliant designs and create new trends that last for months or even years. However, streetwear has become a hot cake in the fashion industry. It has gained a lot of popularity and seems not to be losing the market anytime soon.
Factors that made Streetwear boom in the fashion industry.

Here are some of the things that helped Streetwear in gaining its popularity in the fashion industry.

Influence by Celebrities
Streetwear increased its demand as many celebrities frequently adopt this style of clothing. Kanye West, Justin Beiber, and many such great celebs are seen in Streetwear.

Nowadays celebrities have their own streetwear brands. Beyonce has Ivy Park and is collaborating with Adidas. Kanye West streetwear brand is Yeezy and is now collaborating with Gap and Balenciaga.

Therefore, various big brands like Supreme have invested in Streetwear fashion. Celebrities such as Madonna has been seen wearing a Supreme hoodie .They all promote this style by using the power of social media.

Investment Opportunities
Brands like Supreme and Louis Vuitton are investing in making young people their customers. So, they collaborate to make hoodies, backpacks, jackets, T-shirts, etc.

The Ascendancy Force
Streetwear was taken to be fit for rebellious teenagers in past decades. In America, it was used to be a representation of peoples’ culture and backgrounds. However, Streetwear has now emerged as a powerful trend in the fashion industry. As a result, most of the popular brands have shown interest and provided space for Streetwear in their industries.

Streetwear; The Hottest Craze Nowadays

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