What is plus size fashion?

What is plus size fashion?

What is plus size in the fashion industry?

In the fashion industry, plus size clothing refers to sizes XL to 6XL or 10XL. It’s emerging in the fashion world recently. However many people struggle to find their size on the high street and are now spending more time doing online shopping.


According to a study, 94% of teenage girls and 63% of boys are a victim of body shaming. As the body positivity movements emerged worldwide, the fashion industry began to challenge unrealistic feminine body standards set by the society. With the passage of time, it grew in popularity and the focus on accepting all kind of bodies began to influence the fashion industry. Subsequently, it came with a whole new section, popularly known as Plus Size Fashion implying the message that, “all bodies are beautiful”. Plus size clothing gave people the freedom to express radical self-love towards their genetically inherited body despite being confined in size zero beauty standards. Moreover, it created a space for celebrating different body types without any disrespect or unkindness towards one another.

On another note, plus size fashion has removed the genetic discrimination of body weights and shapes. It has a positive impact on the society and is treating the obese people good. It’s emergence not only boosted their confidence, but also promoted equality and prevented bullying and body shaming.



The plus sizing concept is now breaking the typical fashion barriers and introducing a new approach to the special-size segment. The one that gives every person an equal opportunity to be himself. Besides the important cultural and social changes that this evolution is bringing about, the plus size market is a new horizon for high fashion. New plus sizing labels are now emerging. The established brands are slowly adapting to this new trend. In turn, this opens new market opportunities across geographies and countries, target audiences (men, women, children), and product segments.

A Business Paradigm

Plus sizing is something more than just producing extended ranges in size. This is already being done by many fashion brands, although not to the customer’s complete satisfaction. It has become a company philosophy that must be embraced.

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